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Thursday, January 19, 2006

What I'm working on

I inventoried my projects the other day. (and even partially inventoried my stash!) It's not as bad as I thought.....most things I start do get finished.

1. Mom's gansey - my own design in Debbie Bliss Cathay (red), size 4us needles. Front & back done - working on both sleeves at once so I don't get stalled (second sleeve syndrome).

2. Basic ribbed socks - my own design in Regia (a blue stripe), size 2us dps. This pair is for my father-in-law (he told me the other day how much he liked hand-knit socks....I think it was a hint....). His birthday is at the end of the month, the first sock is done and 1/2 of the ribbing for the second sock, I'll probably have these finished in time to mail them off.

3. Red cabled scarf - my own design in Plymouth Encore (red, of course). This is for the red scarf project, so I'll need to finish it and get it to Einstein's Bagels for the drop-off by Jan 30th. I'm using two strands of worsted and size 13 us needles so it's going pretty quick.


1. Tina shawl - from in mushroom-colored lace-wt yarn - for me! I'll be working on this during the UFOlympics sponsored by Natalie B at I'm through the center panel and about round 8 of the border, though I may need to rip back a bit(this may be part of the reason I stopped working on this)

2. Fearless FairIsle - from I'm doing the brown colorway in Jamieson & Smith Shetland wool and steeking it for a cardigan. Not likely to need a 100% wool pullover in Texas, but a cardigan will be great for the over-airconditioned office. I'm about two design repeats into this and loving it. Just had to stop to finish Christmas knitting.

3. Einstein coat - from Sally Melville's book The Knit Stitch. Frankly, I got bored. The front and back are done and I'm stalled on the first sleeve. One can only handle so much garter stitch in dark brown (I'm using the yarn called for in the pattern - same color and everthing).

Of course, this doesn't include all those projects for which I have either yarn, patterns, roving or unprocessed fleece. (We'll go into all those later)

Hmmmm....Do I find it significant that my own designs are the ones being worked on? Maybe, maybe not. The only one I stopped working on from boredom was the Einstein coat. I'm going to transfer it to circular needles (I started with straights). It was getting so heavy that it was hard to work on.

I love the Fearless FairIsle - my first stranded colorwork. I'll definitely start on it again as soon as I finish Mother's sweater.

The Tina is wonderful (my second lace project) and I stopped working on it last summer mainly because I started having eye issues - lace-wt yarn doesn't help when big blurry spots drift across your field of vision. I still have the spots, but am learning to live with them.

What surprised me was the list of finished objects.....I re-started knitting in Fall of 2003. Since then I've finished 47 projects. Six sweaters, 11 pairs of socks, 2 prayer shawls, 5 chemo hats, and lots of other hats, scarfs, fingerless mitts, cat beds, purses, wraps, and a teddybear sweater. It really helps sometimes to take stock and see what your accomplishments are!

Progress photos tomorrow of my mom's sweater......


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