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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Let the rain commence!

It has finally happened! After weeks of no moisture at all, we have that wet stuff falling out of the sky! Not torrential, not heavy - just steady, wonderful rain. We should all go out there today and do a rain dance of thankfulness to whatever deity did us this favor.

I was going to try for outdoor pictures of the completed red scarf and progress pictures of Mom's sweater, but that may have to wait until tomorrow. My indoors pictures are horrible.

WIP progress
1. Mom's sweater - haven't worked on it much this week, trying to finish things with deadlines
2. Dad-in-law's socks - just turned the heel of the second sock, must finish by end of week
3. Red scarf charity - finished & blocked. Need to get this puppy over to the Einstein's drop-off this week. I was there this morning, but really wanted to get that picture before I send it out into the world. back to work!


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