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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

they're in the mail

Here's the red scarf for Again, taking good pictures of cables is a frustrating exercise. I took it over to Einstein's Bagels this morning (they've got a drop-off box). Mine is the first one they have received. At this rate, it may be the only one - the deadline is next Monday or Tuesday. There's is a knitting store right around the corner from this place....where are all those knitters?

Dad-in-law's socks went into the mail this morning also - I love the self-service kiosk at the Post Office.

New Project! Of course, I couldn't resist starting another one - all those UFOs are too big to haul around. I've cast on for the Child's French Sock in Citron Pattern and Diaper Knitting from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. I'm using Fortissima Socka yarn in a tealish blue with size 1US dpns. It's got a nice little lacy pattern running down the front and sides. Despite the title this is a woman's sock. Nancy re-wrote most of these old patterns for adults. Progress photos when there is enough to actually see (a blue ring of yarn is not terribly exciting to look at).

I'm a teacher! Well, I will be starting next Wednesday. I'm teaching some of my co-workers the basics of knitting during our lunch hour. The traditional garter stitch scarf will be our first project. I figure that if they get hooked, I'll have someone to go with me to the yarn store!

WIP progress report - sleeves. just sleeves. sleeves a little longer than they were yesterday. Perhaps I should go ahead and join the front and back at the shoulders, knit in the placket button bands and the collar? But then there would still be ...... sleeves.


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