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Thursday, August 31, 2006

got gauge? - no, and I'm glad

I started my sss (second sock syndrome) swap sock last night. I've got very yummy yarn and a nifty pattern - one that shouldn't overwhelm the pretty handpainted yarn. The pattern called for a US size 0 needle. OK, I've never actually used my size 0 dpns for anything, but I do own a set.

I merrily cast-on and worked my way down part of the pattern. Gosh, maybe I better check my gauge....after all, I'm making this sock for someone else.

Pattern calls for 8 stitches per inch. Hmmm, I'm getting 9 1/2 stitches per inch.

Darn, I'm going to have to go up at least one needle size, maybe two.

Do I sound upset? I'm not .... those size 0 bamboos were a real pain in the behind. I'd really rather use a size 1 or 2. I'd rather rip out now than get half-way up the sock and discover that I can't squeeze a foot into this thing. And if my swap partner is worried about getting gauge to match - the designer admits that she's a loose knitter and often has to go down a needle size to get gauge on other people's designs so 1s or 2s will probably work for you, too. the frog pond I go!

On a happier note, I'm really liking my Spearfish socks with the reclaimed Red Cross yarn. It's a fun knit and the pattern is easy to remember. I didn't bother to wash the yarn so it's nice and crimpy from being knitted up for a few years. It looks like khaki ramen noodles...

Between the two sock projects and trying to find a zipper for my sweatshirt jacket, I haven't touched my Fair Isle for several days. My hubby and I are taking Friday off - with the Monday holiday we'll have a full four days. With no particular plans, I'm hoping to make some knitting progress -

My long-weekend list:

1. See how close I can get to finishing sleeve #1 on the Fearless Fair Isle.
2. Sew that darn zipper into the sweatshirt jacket - it won't be a FO until that's done!
3. Get re-started on the sss sock - once I've got a start on it, I should be able to crank pretty steadily.

By the way - that yarn for the sss sock? I've been whining about using dark yarn, right? Complaining about how hard it is to see? Feel free to kick me when you see it... it's kinda dark - but it's so darn pretty! I couldn't resist! It makes my mouth water. It's got so many pretty colors in it, like little jewels. So if I go blind trying to knit this stuff, it's entirely my own fault.

I've never used handpainted yarn before - I'm afraid I'm hooked already. I'd show you a picture but I'm trying to keep it a surprise for my swap pal. (I may break down later, though.)


Blogger Brigitte said...

tee hee...khaki ramen noodles...

I've gotten used to small bamboos, but then again I haven't graduated being st. stitch when it comes to socks.

Hey, have a great long weekend!

11:27 AM  
Blogger Marina said...

They've (the kids) only been back for 8 days and now, they too, have a 4 day weekend! Hope yours will be more productive than mine.

12:50 PM  

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