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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cat's Paw Scarf update

I've finally found and added the chart to my Cat's Paw Scarf (see the side-bar under free patterns). I've had people request the chart and I couldn't get back to them for lack of email info. And I lost the dang chart and then found it again..... I apologize for all that asked for it and I never got back to them.

I may actually post something again... I went to the Sock Summit and had a great time, then came home and promptly got an upper respiratory infection (I blame the plane ride), then got bronchitis ('cause that's always what happens after a respiratory infection for me), then got swine flu (probably from going to that clinic for the other two infections). After almost a month and 3 rounds of antibiotics with a round of Tamiflu to cap it off, I 'think' I may be well. Yay!