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Thursday, January 26, 2006

How to fix a knitting mistake

1. Observe that you have missed the second yarnover in the first repeat of the first round of the lace pattern of your current sock project. Of course, you are on round two before you notice.

2. Cheerfully pull size one needles out of knitting and proceed to pull out knitting 'til you get back to before the mistake.

3. Cheerfully expect to be able to pick up itsy-bitsy sock yarn stitches including a healthy amount of k1 p1 ribbing without screaming. (where's that Baileys Irish Cream I bought at Christmas?)

4. Not so cheerfully use itsy-bitsy crochet hook to fix all those k1 p1 ribbing stitches that decided to run down several rows before stopping. (do I really need another pair of socks?)

5. Patiently turn all the backwards stitches around (after all we were just trying to get them back on needles, not get them back on needles the right way around). (should I just rip out the whole thing and start over?)

See, that was easy, wasn't it?

Of course, you could have fixed that yarnover in the next round (just add another yarnover or M1, for goodness sake). It's a sock - no one is going to see your mistake unless they have a sock fetish and are really, really close.

Or you could have had a lifeline every 5 rows or so - after all this is a new pattern and smaller needles than you usually use. (Lifelines? we don't need no stinking lifelines!)

I think I better go back to sleeves for awhile......


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