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Monday, March 13, 2006


I finished piecing together Mother's sweater last night and finished the first of my MIL's shell socks! Pictures to come as soon as I can get outdoors for good lighting.

Mother - it looks good; I hope it fits ok.

I've cast on for the second shell sock, but now I have time to go back to some unfinished business...

What do you think? The Fearless FairIsle cardigan (I'm doing the earth tones colorway with a cardigan steek) or the Tina shawl?

They're both completely different so maybe I could alternate between them? Of course, I'd make faster progress if I concentrate on only one (ignoring the fact that I always have socks on the needles, too).

Oh well, I'll figure it out when I actually sit down to knit.


Blogger Marina said...

:::Cheering and clapping from the peanut gallery :::

It (previous pic) looks gorgeous!

I'm biased ... do the Fair Isle!

7:58 AM  

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