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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

lazy blogger

I was going to post a picture of sock progress - but I'm lazy today....

Another past project instead!

Pattern: Kells Twinset
Source: Irresistible Knits by Kirsten Cowan
Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton Color 941 (Clear)
Needles: Size 6 Clover Bamboo
Buttons: from Benno's Button Store in Dallas (yes, there is a store that specializes in buttons)
Completed: Summer 2004

This baby has a 40 row pattern repeat for the 'wandering' cables. It has button loops that are knit as you go. It has a neat little cable that you have to remember to do as you're decreasing for the raglan. It's not one but two sweaters - the mock turtleneck you can see in the photo is really part of the sleeveless shell underneath. The whole thing is much prettier than the picture.

I've worn it maybe five times since I finished it. You just don't need two layers of heavy sweater (even if it is only 50% wool) in north central Texas very often.

It's beautiful and I love it. I take it out and admire it occasionally, even if I don't wear it very often.

It is the second and third sweater that I ever knit (I'm counting the shell as #2, the cardigan as #3).

Oh my gosh! Just realized today that my spam blocker was blocking some of the comments being emailed to me from my blog. If I haven't responded to you yet - thanks for all the great comments! I think I've fixed it now (plus I know to go and check for that now).


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