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Saturday, February 11, 2006

...and the flame was lit

It's a start anyway.

I managed 26 rows on the first sleeve last night (there were already about that many there). This pattern has you pick up stitches along the body and knit down to the cuff. You work flat - the shoulders and top of sleeve are seamed at the end and are the only finishing necessary.

My only concern now is yarn - besides the skein I'm working with I only have 5 skeins left. This is taking way more yarn than called for in the pattern. Four of those skeins were picked up at two different times than the original batch (after I realized that I was going to have a sleeveless vest if I didn't do something). They're not even close to the same dye lot, but I've decided I don't care as long as it gets finished.

Thanks, Nessie Noodle! You are the very first commenter on my blog! I wasn't sure anyone was looking at this thing except Mom and Dad.

I hope everyone got started OK on their UFOlympic challenges last night. It was interesting watching - I particularly liked the synchronized bit where all the people on the main floor gathered together and made a giant ski-jumper silhouette- he crouched, he swooped down the slope, he flew in the air. Pretty neat.

Don't know that we'll watch all that much of the actual events - my husband likes some of the skiing events, I like the skating - who knows, we may watch some.....

I still hope to complete the other French Sock and Mom's sweater during this period. It may be tough since I'm also working over 50 hrs a week until the auditors get here. Speaking of....I better get back at it.


Blogger Marina said...

Wow, you made a good start. Hope you don't run out of yarn. The Frech sock is gorgeous.

8:18 PM  
Blogger TresJ said...

Yeah, you are making great progress. More than I've made on my UFOlympic projects. Have you considered making the wrists and button plackets a different color or texture to conserve yarn? Or if your button plackets are already done; maybe the wrists and a trim along the botton in a different yarn. Just a suggestion. I'm sure it will look great anyway!

3:09 PM  

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