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Monday, January 30, 2006

more sock

I know, I know - you've all just been dying to see the progress on my socks.

This pattern is a lot of fun to knit, although it's amazing how often I can totally mess it up. The second yarnover of the Citron pattern just doesn't want to happen sometimes. I'm doing frequent reality checks (aka stitch counts). Now that I've loosened the death grip on the size ones it's a little easier to go back a fix a mistake - the stitches aren't quite as tight.

I made pretty good progress on Mom's sweater sleeves this weekend - another 30 rows and then I start decreasing for the sleeve cap. Makes me glad I'm doing both at once.

Can't wait to start using my Denise Interchangeable Circulars - gift from Mom & Dad. Can't wait to play with my Sweater Wizard software - gift from husband.
Am not waiting - already using the gift from my sister - a PurseBrite organizer with pockets & a light that fits into my knitting bag. All my knitting stuff (and I have an incredible amount of knitting stuff) fits into the little pockets and keeps from cluttering the bottom of the bag. Of course that means that I can clutter the bottom of the bag with more yarn and books!
Had other great non-knitting gifts too - a George Foreman grill (I'll be grilling chicken tonight) & a gift certificate to HalfPrice Books (must go at lunch sometime this week-not sure I can wait 'til the weekend). It was a very happy birthday.


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