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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mr Bear - Before and after

This is my husband's bear. He was given to my husband when my husband was about 9 months old. My MIL gave it to me last September when we were visiting.

He had no eyes, no nose, some awkward repairs, a few missing claws and a non-working growler. He came with a nice little baby cardigan with some repair issues and stains(sorry, no picture of that right now - I think my MIL knit it. It's really cute) and a baby nightgown. He had been living in the attic for many years and in a smoking household before that.

After a careful clean and brush, replacement glass eyes consistent with the era, a re-stitched nose and claws and a re-do of that strange repair that was keeping his leg joint from working he looks and feels much better. I'm still waiting on a new growler - they're on indefinite backorder apparently.

The little rocking chair is compliments of my parents - he's a perfect fit, no? I whipped up the red sweater for him - baby stuff didn't seem to fit his personality. I washed and fixed the little cardigan and dress - they'll go well on a doll - maybe Mother has a doll about the same age as Mr Bear that needs some clothes.

I'll probably do one more clean and brush after I've put the new growler in - you should have seen the state of the tea towel I was using after the first time around (icky). Everything I've read about restoring teddy bears says less is more - I won't be trying to do anything else to him. He looks much more comfortable now and his personality shines through.


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