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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Proof of sleeves

See....I really am working on Mom's sleeves. I keep reminding myself that it is over 200 stitches now to work my way across 1 row of both sleeves....and it will keep getting longer for awhile. No wonder it seems to take forever.

I'm thinking about changing my UFOlympics challenge - I was going to work on my Tina Shawl, but work is just going to get busier & busier this month in the run-up to our audit. A much more do-able project would be to complete my Einstein coat. How hard is miles of garter stitch? All I have to remember is to decrease in the center of the row every so often (I'm, not working....on the sleeves).

I must finish Mom's sweater first, though!

(uh oh....when do the Olympics start?)


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