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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm finally a teacher!

I come from a line of teachers - both grandmothers were teachers (one taught 2nd grade for a gazillion years at Limestone Elementary in Oklahoma - the other was a substitute teacher in Texas and Florida). Mom was studying to be a teacher and had even completed her student teaching when she changed course - she ended up being a teacher with a class of two; my sister and I. Now it's finally my turn.....

I taught my first knitting class yesterday at lunchtime. Four eager sets of eyes watching as I demonstrated a backwards loop cast on and the knit stitch. Everyone had a great time and got at least two rows completed by the time our class was over. I've never been so tired in my life.....

It was loads of fun - everyone had their own way of holding the needles and the yarn and making their stitches. Like I told them, as long as you end up with a piece of knitted fabric that you like, there is no one way to get there. Some were knitting continental, some English - one was holding her needles like pencils, from underneath, others were holding them overhand (the way I do it). One was knitting English but wrapping with her left hand instead of her right (she used to be a crocheter and that felt better).

Four people - four completely different ways of producing similar pieces - it's great.

The only problem now - there are at least five other people wanting to start - I'm going to die trying to keep up with them all.


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