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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pushing her luck!

Emy is taking her life in her paws...she has taken a great liking for my Denise interchangeable needles, drat! I already have tooth marks in some of my Brittany double points.

She also is irresistibly drawn to the Patons yarn I'm using for the Einstein coat. I've already had to fix a couple of snags. (rayon yarn doesn't like to be snagged - it pulls out incredibly long strands and then doesn't want to pull back into place)

Lesson learned: this goes into the zipup bag as soon as I put it down.

Like the men's 5000 meter speed skaters, I'm trying to pace myself - 40 more rows done last night.

I'm no longer worried about having enough yarn - I started the last skein of the original yarn last night and should have plenty of that to finish sleeve one. Sleeve two will have three skeins of the same dye lot I think (I'll have to check - I was just taking what I could find). They won't be the same dye lot as the rest of the coat, but hopefully won't be too noticeable.

Thanks for your comments, Marina! I love your projects. Can't wait to see how they turn out.


Blogger Marina said...

Phew, that's a relief! I'm glad you got the yarn situation resolved.

Over here, my cat has no interest in anything I do. If you find chewed up needles, ripped knitting or tangled up yarn, it's usually the dog!

4:01 PM  

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