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Monday, February 13, 2006

And now for something completely different

As a relief from the UFOlympics - Here's the argyle sweater vest I designed & knit for my dad last fall. This was my first intarsia - nothing like leaping into a new technique with both feet, needles. I used Mission Falls 1824 cotton - I panicked when they stopped production and bought a little bit of it (ok, I bought a lot of it - but I am using it, so that's alright). Dad likes it - he gets hot easily so a sleeveless cotton sweater is about right for him.

And sleeve one is done! Like the Flying Tomato, I too can accomplish miraculous feats! Frankly, this is the easiest project I've got on the needles - it's just keeping awake through rows and rows of garter stitch that is the challenge. That was also why it was a UFO....

I'm having fun looking at the projects/progress of my fellow contestants.
TresJ's got sleeves to finish also!
NessieNoodle has already finished one of her UFOs - go girl!
Marina's got some awesome projects - Can't wait to see Baltic.
Stephanie's got some darling ladybugs going - I've got a friend that would go ballistic for that, she's a real fiend for ladybugs.

Needle crisis! I broke one of my Brittany size one dps today. Not sure what happened - I looked down in my bag and there was the jagged stump. Thank goodness I only need four needles for my French socks, but it's still a bummer. Gives me an excuse to go to the knitting store, though!


Blogger Marina said...

You're so talented. I would never dream of designing something. Argyle is so-o "in" now and you were doing it last year!

6:40 AM  

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