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Friday, March 03, 2006

Simply amazing

I must make these socks. Ignore the fact that I already have several projects on the needles and many more waiting in the queue. If I was sensible (ha!), I would wait until I'm finished with my Fearless Fair Isle cardigan and use the left-over Shetland yarn to make matching socks.

Has anyone actually made any socks from this book? I've got it and notice that there's only one 'pattern' for a generic toe-up Turkish sock. The rest is pictures of socks and charts of the patterns in the socks.

I'd be interested in your opinions if you've knit any of these.

The shell socks are progressing - I'm past the heel and working my way down the gusset of the first sock. I'm thinking about leaving a few more stitches than called for....I'm a little worried that the sock might be a bit snug for the recipient.


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