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Saturday, February 25, 2006

While I'm waiting....

Since various things are percolating/running around here at work, and I'm just sitting and waiting for them to finish I thought I'd give a quick update on the Shell socks.

It's another Nancy Bush - Knitting Vintage Socks pattern - absolutely adorable.

I was worried that this would be more complicated than the French socks but it's actually easier for me to keep track of this pattern than the other.

My only question....she provided a chart for the French sock's simple little lace & diaper knitting....she didn't do a chart for this one? There are row-by-row instructions instead. I wouldn't mind so much but white print on a pea-green colored background is hell to read when your vision is a bit tentative. The shell pattern is the only part of the instructions she did that on and that's the most important part for me....

Nancy - you are a knitting goddess - but not all your readers are twenty-somethings with perfect vision. Black print on white paper is great for us with more mature sight (bigger print would be even better!)

I had to copy it in high contrast, then printed some big knitters graph paper and charted the shell pattern myself. Much easier to read and follow.

I love a lot of the patterns in this book, but it's going to be something of a pain if I'm going to have to do that for each pattern. Oh well, at least I'll get practice at charting....


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