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Friday, February 24, 2006

Jumping up and down for joy! & winning gold!

Lookee! A whole pair of socks finished! I didn't have this one included in the UFOlympics but I'm sure glad I finished it before the ending ceremonies.

Pattern: Child's French Sock (in adult size)

Source: Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush

Yarn: Fortissima Socka in color 1004 (teal blue)

Needles: Brittany dpns size one

As I mentioned in my post after I finished the first sock, I've made a few changes to the pattern. I left off doing the Citron pattern when I reached the heel and then left off doing the diaper knitting after the gusset. Just couldn't see having all that texture inside my shoes. Otherwise, I love this pattern. It's well written and cute, too!

I've already cast on for a second pair of socks (of course). The next pattern in the book is the Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern (again, she's re-written this for adults). I'm doing it in more Fortissima Socka in color 1005 - a pretty pale blue.

Gold Medal! Natalie has me on the list for gold for finishing my Einstein 'Not-so-warm' Coat......(see me doing handsprings?) Thanks again for inspiring me to finish this project. It has proved to be the perfect office sweater. It's loose-fitting, so will fit over just about anything, and warm enough to keep the air-conditioning from being overwhelming. It has been a lot of fun watching everyone progress on their projects - I've added a bunch of blogs to my daily read.

Congratulations on Samantha Jane! Coming from a family with two girls and no boys I tend to be a bit biased towards the girls (grin). They'll have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers in no time.

And do we think we can have these finished by the closing ceremonies, too?

I lack another inch of sleeve before starting the decreases for the shaped sleeve caps. Of course, then I'd also have to knit in the button placket and the collar and all the sewing of pieces. Plus I need to work this weekend.

Making no promises here, but I may give it try. (and yes, that's Emy in the corner, trying to eat my Addi Turbos).


Anonymous Glenda said...

Congratulations on your dual gold medals, Cynthia! And thanks for your kind comments on Natalie's blog--I really appreciate it!

10:12 PM  

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