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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A reasonable picture of Mom's sweater......

Started Dec 2005 - completed March 12, 2006

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cathay - color red

Pattern: My own!

Needles: Addi turbo size 4 circulars

Gauge: six stitches/inch in double-moss stitch

It's tunic-style - no ribbing at the bottom per Mom's request, with a stand-up collar and an open placket (no buttons). It is hard to tell, but I've got mirrored cables on either side of a knit-purl tree of life design in the center. Double moss-stitch ground except on the lower part of the sleeve which is stockinette(took that from various pictures of fisherman's ganseys). The cables continue on the sleeves all the way down to the cuff. They are set-in sleeves to reduce bulk.

Things I'd do differently next time? The sleeves are a bit long, Mom may have to fold the cuffs up a bit. Double-moss stitch on size 4s? What was I thinking? Knit1, purl1 gets real old after awhile. But I love the way it looks......

Yarn - The Cathay knits up into a very substantial sweater. Warning! You might want to knot the very ends of the yarn while you're working with it. It separates into about 20 separate strands. Being mostly cotton it has no give - my hands got tired after a while. It's great for showing texture work - cables really pop out.

And here's sock #1 of the shell pattern socks. Did you know that people look at you funny when you're sitting in your car in a grocery store parking lot with the car door open taking pictures of a sock in the grass?

Marina, I agree with you, thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to pull the Fearless FairIsle out and see if I can figure out where I was! And any other readers out there - if you appreciate FairIsle work go look at Marina's work, it's beautiful!


Blogger Marina said...

::: blush :::

Wow, your Mother's sweater is even more gorgeous than I previously thought. So much thought was put into it. I love, love love the neckline.

You're very talented.

5:13 AM  

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