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Monday, July 10, 2006

what to do, what to do....

This is the problem with having several projects on the needles at the same time - sometimes I just can't decide what to work on next.

The railroad stitch sock - I picked up stitches around the heel flap and am now decreasing for the gusset. I'd love to get that part done, so it gets back into the mindless pattern repeat down to the toe.

The Fearless Fair Isle - It's been a week since I touched it (I know you die-hard Fair Isle fans will be aghast!). I need to pick it back up and get going on that sleeve. It's not that hard (except remembering when to decrease). I'm using Wendy's method of knotting at the color changes and after knitting the body, it doesn't seem to take that long to do each round. Oh, as far as remembering when to decrease - a very sophisticated method (yeah, right!) of pencil check marks on the chart is being employed.

The installment sweatshirt jacket - I admit that's where most of my knitting time went this weekend. The front is a few rows from being finished, but I need to spin more of the darker top in order to finish that section.

Decisions, decisions..... The sock is a very dark color and is hard to work on at night (my house has notoriously bad lighting). That eliminates one project for this evening. I'm so close to finishing the body of the sweatshirt jacket, but I'm not sure I'm feeling like spinning tonight (even though it's very low energy spinning - I sprawl on the couch with my support spindle and about 6 feet of roving at a time. The only thing that gets a workout is my left arm). Guess that leaves the Fair Isle. (Hark, did I hear cheers from Marina, Lorraine, and Brigitte?)

I promise progress photos tomorrow!


Blogger Brigitte said...

Wooooo! Cheering you on all the way from Toronto!

Isn't Wendy's tip great? I know it's saving me a TON of time on Ophelia's arms... Hey, looking forward to the progress pics!

6:46 AM  
Blogger Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

And what's wrong with pencil marks on the chart?
I am probably more sophisticated in that I use x's.
We're all working on sleeves- something cosmic about that.

7:06 AM  

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