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Monday, October 23, 2006

Baby steps

baby steps of progress.....

Country Socks
Sock #1 complete, sock #2 begun - this will actually be finished in time to mail off for Christmas! It looks like a plain ribbed sock, but has a little bit of interest in the purl part of the rib...there's a kind of seed stitch thing going on there.

I tried this on my husband to make sure it will fit his dad.
Lacy scarf growing inch by inch - this, too, appears to be a do-able Christmas delivery even though I'm only about one quarter done.

I neglected to get a picture of the marriage gansey before I left this morning. It's got a third heart motif done. That means about 1 1/2" more than the last picture. I'm eventually going to decide how long to make the body. (What? You mean I was supposed to decide that before I started?) I'm using traditional underarm gussets so will need to stop the body about 2 inches short of the actual underarm. For once, I'm confident that I've got plenty of yarn and can make this as long as I want, but will probably settle for the low hip - I want it long, but not tunic length.

Fair Isle? Are you wondering why you haven't heard anything about Fair Isle lately? I'd love to be swatching for my two new Fair Isle designs, but for that I need yarn. I ordered yarn September 19th. Lots of yarn. September 19th. Five weeks ago. Haven't seen the yarn yet. The charges weren't on my September statement (haven't got my October statement yet). Sent an email last Monday. Sent another email (to the other address I had) last Friday. No reply. No yarn.

This is unlike my vendor - she is usually very responsive. Is she sick? On vacation? Out of business? Computer broken? I know she's a one-person shop. It can sometimes take a while to get here from Toronto - but not this long. Not sure how long I should wait before ordering from someone else. Methinks I need to find someone closer, but no-one in Texas seems to stock Jamieson & Smith. Maybe if I just find someone within the US borders? Any suggestions?


Blogger Marina said...

Hmm, Toronto? 4 Seasons? I've only purchased once from them but it was a gift for someone in France. It went smoothly. But I've had things from Canada take a very, very long time if it goes by surface mail which a big parcel would.

If it really has to be from the US, I've purchased from Schoolhouse Press & Yarn Barn. No problems with either.

Love the colour of the socks! There's still 9 weeks till Christmas. Plenty of time!

3:04 PM  
Blogger Brigitte said...

Hmmm... If it's 4 Seasons, do you want me to go and say "hey, what's the holdup!"?! Seriously though, she's about a 20 minute walk from where I live.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Barbara M. said...

Just found your blog today. Deb at the Woolery in Wilton, NH has gotten the Jamieson & smith for me, very quick and helpful. She does lots of phone orders as she's right on the tourist (leaf-peeper) route in NH, and lots of folks stop in, like her, and make her their LYS, no matter where they live!

Barbara M.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Tracey said...

It's such a good feeling to finish Christmas presents WAY ahead of schedule.

8:42 AM  

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