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Monday, November 20, 2006

Fall Cleaning

I gave myself an instant cold this weekend (at least it felt like it) - I moved dust that had been living in my house for ages.... I sneezed, the DH sneezed, the cat sneezed, even the birds (champion producers of dander) sneezed.

Some people spring clean - I fall clean. I have this irresistable urge to dust, mop, vacuum, and throw away as soon as the weather cools down. I must do it when the urge hits me, because it goes away soon and doesn't return for another year.

So not much knitting going on this last weekend. I didn't even start swatching the Pictish Fair Isle!

I did at least plan my holiday dinner (shock! I'm actually cooking this year!). Mom and Dad are coming over (they get to see the temporarily clean house!). And since all of us have to be careful of what we eat, I've put together the healthiest menu I can manage...

Skinless turkey breast with apricot/rice stuffing (I've made this before, it's yummy)
Cranberry sauce made with Splenda
Mashed potatoes (no salt, no butter, skim milk)
Steamed broccoli and carrots
French-style green beans (no salt)
Baked parsnips (my husband's request)
Pillsbury crescent rolls (did you know they make a reduced-fat version?)
Margarine (the cholesterol-reducing kind)
Crustless lo-cal pumpkin pie (Dad's making that)

And then I get to weigh in at Weight-Watchers the next day. Nothing like giving myself incentive to be good!

I lied - some knitting did happen

Dad - Don't Look!

...and don't let Mom look either!


Anonymous Kat with a K said...

Cute! What's the scarf pattern?

2:07 PM  
Blogger Marina said...

We had a guest on the weekend & so my house is clean! And now everything is left to deteriorate until the next one!!

No comments about the dinner ;-)

2:22 PM  
Blogger Holly Jo said...

Love the scarf. You are SO a better Weight Watcher person than I am. :) I said "screw it" about Thanksgiving. I am not going to think about a damn point all day. :) Gobble, gobble.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Brigitte said...

I'm the same way, I get these urges to clean and move furniture around about twice a year.

I love that scarf pattern!

Enjoy your yummy Thanksgiving dinner!

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Tracey said...

LOL, I know what you mean, I was sooo bad at my mom's little Thanksgiving shindig in NY this weekend. No regrets tho.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

Pretty! I love the scarf pattern.

I get the urge to clean when it turns cold too. The Pictish Fair Isle will just have to be swatched for later. But not too later, I can't wait to see what it will look like.

3:16 PM  

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