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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Comfort bedjacket

Here's the surgery -

'Before' shot - rather over-exposed
I picked up stitches just above the offending garter stitch border. (please note beautiful assistant, Scamp)

Then I carefully cut below the picked up row, trying to pull a bit of extra yarn at the beginning to give me something to start with.

Then I just unlaced; cutting the yarn when it got to be too long to comfortably pull.

After all that, I started knitting down, using a 1x1 rib and keeping the edges in pattern.

Much happier now!
Pattern: mine
Yarn: Berroco Comfort (superfine acrylic and nylon blend) in Wild Cherry
Needles: Various lengths of 5mm circulars (Addi Natura) and dpns

Some of the things I swiped (um, borrowed) from the Circumnavigated Cardigan:

1. The nifty garter stitch border with the 2 stitch I-cord edge is used on the CC pocket.
2. The false seam up the sides and on the underside of the sleeves. It eliminates that 'barrel' effect of sweaters knit in the round.

3. You knit the bottom border of the CC down from a provisional cast-on. That wasn't originally planned on this one but the general idea was achieved anyway.

4. Short-rows in the back to help the hang of the sweater

5. The short-row collar isn't from the CC, but has some elements from the shawl collar there.

The yarn:
Comfort is a well-named yarn. It's incredibly soft and cushy. It's also machine-washable and -dryable. A small downside - it's made out of lots of very small strands. Be prepared to occasionally go back and pick up the rest of the strand, 'cause you only caught a few the first time. You'll need smooth needles and smooth skin, too. It will catch on everything. Otherwise, a lovely soft yarn that has enough spring in it for easy knitting. And a picture of Bonnie, since Scamp connived her way into a picture.


Blogger Traceyleezle said...

It looks fantastic! Poor Bonnie, she looks to be pouting in that picture.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

It looks good! Better with the new ribbed bottom too.

Bonnie wants to be a real model.

6:37 PM  

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