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Sunday, January 13, 2008


I've finished the Comfort bedjacket - except for that irritating flippy garter stitch bottom hem. I'm going to cut the darn thing off and knit a standard 1x1 ribbing instead.

But before I start that I've worked in all my ends. I tend to be a bit of a stickler about this - leaving nice long strands to work with and weaving in for quite a long way. There's a reason for this .....

.....cue fading background and flash back with nostalgic 70's music (is there such a thing?) ....

I can't remember exactly how old I was when I received this gift, probably late pre-teen or early teen. Mom and Dad gave me an afghan kit. Crocheted granny squares, with bright bits of color in the center of each one, kind of an ugh tan around that, and white borders. Acrylic yarn, of course. I loved it passionately.

I devoted hours and hours to crocheting those granny squares with their cunning bits of red, green, orange and blue. I carefully sewed them all together - placing the different colors so it would resemble a garden of flowers.

Then I wove in all those ends. I followed the directions to weave in about an inch of each end and cut it off.

All ends cut, I proudly lifted up the result of months of work to show my family.

And it fell apart.

(I've managed to block out most of the subsequent events, but I'm pretty sure I cried at that point.)


You know, I've never done another granny square afghan. I've done lots of other afghans, but not a granny square. I'm probably scarred for life.

Lesson learned: finishing may be boring, but it is just as important as all the fun bits. And don't believe the directions if they don't make sense.


I'll try to remember to take before and after pictures of my bedjacket surgery and the final results will be blogged about later.

And here's a picture of sock progress.... Do not adjust your set - it really looks like that. Pretty wild, eh? I don't have the ball band with me and can't remember the name of this stuff. It was part of a gift from Rebekah for donating to Sugar Ray, the rescued boxer.

I managed to finish most of the leg on New Year's eve while sitting at the emergency room and doctor's office. Thank goodness for simple knitting!


Anonymous Carrie K said...

That sock is so cool!

And oh no!!! Words fail me. Stupid directions.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Traceyleezle said...

Yep, that would scar one for life. See, now you have to go on safari so that you have Zebras to match your socks.

7:06 PM  

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