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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Links (the power of)

Finally got around to fixing some broken links and adding some new ones. I sometimes forget that when someone moves their blog to a new host my link to them goes blotto.

I had a great conversation with Jen at pieknits and Colleen (blogless) last night at our guild meeting. Jen has published patterns in MagKnits, Knitty and Interweave (quick, go get the new winter edition for her Celtic Tote pattern). (There's other stuff, too - she's got a great blog.) I was telling her how tickled I was to have 3 (gasp) people ask me for my cat's paw scarf chart. We all laughed at that and she countered with the fact that people are already sending her emails with questions about her Celtic Tote pattern and she doesn't even have her copy of the magazine yet. As her system of charting is different from Interweave's, she can't answer their questions 'til she sees what they're looking at.

What always amazes me is how people find my little blog.

Of course, then I turned it around and found the answer - how did I find other peoples' blogs? I followed links. I find a blog that's interesting and there's a list of links down the side and I start clicking. Or I'm reading comments on someone else's blog and - look! - there's a link to the commenter's blog. Sometimes I find a blog through a Google search. Or I'm on a site like Knitty and the designer's blog address is right there with the pattern.

Being in the Fair Isle Knitters Ring probably helps too. Even though my own personal Fair Isle is limited to one completed Fearless Fair Isle and two sweaters that have been in the design stage for a year, I'm still fascinated by this whole thing. (So that's how Kathleen found my blog - she's in the ring, too!)

The neat thing about all of these interconnecting links is I get to say a brief 'Hi!' to people that I would otherwise never have a chance to meet. I get to meet (virtually, at least) people that live in other parts of the country or other parts of the world. Some of those people listed down the side are practically next door and some of them are across oceans.

As my husband says - these are my pen pals! Ain't it great!



Blogger sillyewe said...

Hey, neighbor. :0) Ahh, a dream knitting room..yours sounds great...I recently went to a nearby estate sale of an artist moving away. My God, had I seen the house before it sold! She had a studio that sceamed knitting and sewing room! Ugh. Natural lights...shelves...sink....I am so depressed as the new owners will be ripping it all out for another bedroom.....

So how are you???

3:22 PM  
Blogger Jen (pieKnits) said...

You make some good observations there and you're sweet for enduring my excited blabbering about my pattern,lol.
Also why I love a stat counter, it's so interesting! I've found lots of great sites from seeing where people are coming from.
And speaking of links- you should totally submit your patterns to!

4:53 PM  

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