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Monday, May 01, 2006

a busy weekend

My husband and I took off Friday and had a whole three day weekend to ourselves! It was heaven. Even though we didn't stick with our original plan (which involved a two hour road trip to a lake we hadn't been to before - the weather Friday was a little to threatening for that), we did manage to fit quite a bit into the weekend. The local library was having their semi-annual book sale. I was hoping for knitting books (of course) but this one was fiction only. We still managed to bring home three or four books apiece.

Then I went to the DFW Fiber Festival! Since we had planned on being out of town, I hadn't signed up for any classes - but that didn't prevent me from buying stuff! I managed to buy something from every vendor (except one person that was teaching a class).

That's lavender Shetland bat for spinning (the color didn't photograph very well) from Fire Ant Ranch. Guess I need to get out the Hitchhiker wheel and start spinning again.

Two skeins of Jacob's sheep yarn from a local ranch (I think it's called St Lukes Ranch? I'll have to look at the skeins again) and a wooden crochet hook with a nice chunky handle flung themselves into my bag. The yarn cries out to be a nice warm scarf or pair of mittens.

A skein of 100% cashmere from Jojoland International in a soft blue insisted on coming home with me. Hmmm....what can I do with 200 yds of sport weight cashmere? I think I need a smoke ring or a lacy little scarf.

Then I decided that I needed a shawl pin....not just any shawl pin but an art glass shawl pin from Stitch Elegance. I also picked up a set of size 0000 knitting needles from them (not sure what I'll be using them for, but couldn't resist.)

Of course, I needed something to hold all this swag in - so I bought a bag from Pearl's Knitwits.
Since I went during the afternoon on Friday, everyone was in class and I practically had the vendors to myself. And I managed to buy things that aren't readily available at my local yarn shop, with some of them being locally grown or made. It doesn't look like that much when I look at the photo but, boy, did I spend money...

Knitting happened this weekend but that's blog-fodder for another day. It took all day to upload one teeny picture today.


Blogger Marina said...

Oooh, nice haul. I love the bag.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

It is amazing how fast the money goes, isn't it? But who cares, you got some really nice booty there!

1:25 PM  

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